Experiencing the mountains

A popular destination for mountain lovers. The access roads to the Punta Penia Cabin Rifugio are:

From the glacier (read more)

Following in the footsteps of Grohmann, who, together with the guides Dimai, first reached the summit on September 28, 1864. Today, the ascent is quite different, and depending on the ice conditions, it starts from the Castiglioni Marmolada refuge at Passo Fedaia. You climb up to the glacier's attack point and then cross it through crevasses and rocky sections. It is recommended to rely on alpine guides for the ascent. The experience is thrilling, thanks to the magnificent peaks that can be admired during the climb. Once you reach the summit, a splendid balcony opens up, offering a view from the Alps to the sea, and beneath your feet, you can sense the abyss of the south face: a 700m sheer drop that only the world's greatest climbers can conquer.

West ridge ferrata (read more)

Via di salita a Punta Penia is the western ridge ferrata, inaugurated in 1902. It starts from the refuge by following trail 618 on the ridge channel, reaching the Marmolada saddle, and then climbing to the summit. From the lush larch and cirmoli trees of the pass, you arrive in the Ciamorcià area amidst mugho pine shrubs and alpine meadows, which give way to pioneer vegetation, scree slopes, and periglacial rocks as you ascend. The Marmitte dei Giganti, carved by glacier meltwater, and the deep Canyon, a remnant of an ancient volcanic vein that cut through the limestone rock, are suggestive sights. The most popular route is the loop with a return from the glacier, depending on the glacier conditions.

From Val Contrin or Val Ombretta (read more)

Go up to the Marmolada mountain pass and then take the ferrata along the Northwest Ridge where you’ll find galleries and remnants of the First World War at an altitude of 3000 m;

Climbing routes on the south face (read more)

For more experienced mountaineers there are several climbing routes on the south face, “the silver wall”, that bring you near the rifugio, including the Tomasson way, which takes its name from the intrepid English climber who first climbed the face in 1904 together with the guides; the Soldà way, the legendary Micheluzzi way, the AlexAnna and the Larcher Vigiani.

Hiking with the guide (read more)

EXCURSIONS ON MARMOLADA GLACIER with the Alpine Val di Fassa Guides – SUMMER 2020

Departure from Castiglioni Refuge we will start our climb on the glacier through the Normal Route or through the West Ridge Via Ferrata to reach Punta Penia. Here we will have the opportunity to spend the night at Capanna Punta Penia, the highest refuge of the Dolomites 3342m, to enjoy the sunset and a breathtaking sunrise!

Meeting point: 8.30 am or 11 am at Rif. Castiglioni. Expected return: 11.30 am the following day. Altitude gap: 1300m gain (first day), 1300m loss (second day). Normal route price: 300 € per person with 2 people, 200€ per person with 3-4 people. West Ridge price: 310 € per person with 2 people, 210€ per person with 3-4 people. The prices include Mountain Guide UIAGM, equipment (crampons, ice-axes,helmet, via ferrata kit), overnight stay with half board service at the Capanna Punta Penia refuge. Notes: Trekking clothes and boots, sunscreen and sunglasses are recommended. Difficulty level: DIFFICULT - ADULTS

For those who prefer, there is also the possibility to overnight at Castiglioni refuge the evening before the excursion, in order to be already at Passo Fedaia early in the morning.

2. NORMAL ROUTE OR VIA FERRATA WEST RIDGE IN ONE DAY Departure from Castiglioni Refuge at 6.00 am. We will start the ascent, we will put on the crampons and continue through the glacier on the Normal route. Alternatively traverse towards Forcella Marmolada and climb along the Via Ferrata West Ridge. The summit will offer a 360° panorama over the val di Fassa Dolomites and beyond. Lunch break at the Punta Penia refuge and return through the Normal route. Price: ​ Normal route 110€ per person (min. 3 people), West Ridge Via Ferrata 120€ (min. 3 people). Price with 2 people: 150€ per person. Private guide 1 person 300€. This excursion requires excellent physical preparation. Altitude gap: 1300m (altitude gain) 1300m (altitude loss). Notes: Trekking clothes and boots, sunscreen and sunglasses are recommended. Difficulty level: VERY DIFFICULT - ADULTS
There is the possibility to stay overnight at the refuge Castiglioni both the evening before the excursion (to be already at the Passo Fedaia early in the morning) and the evening after the excursion. Extra cost for accommodation with half board service: € 54 per person per night.

Departure from Alba di Canazei in the late afternoon to reach the Contrin refuge where you will spend the night. In the morning departure at dawn to tackle the climbing route that goes up to Punta Penia. Great itinerary climbed on July 1st 1901 by Beatrice Tomasson with the guides Michele Bettega and Bortolo Zagonel. Overnight stay at Capanna Punta Penia refuge and we will return to the valley the next day through the via ferrata. Price: € 550 for 1 person, € 700 with 2 people. Overnight stay with half board service at Capanna Penia refuge € 54 per person.

On the roof of the Dolomites you can experience things that you wouldn’t in the valley!

Sleeping at 3300 metres above sea level gives you the possibility to acclimatise if your goal is to train your body to climb even higher peaks.

Fans of landscape photography must not miss out on the intense colours of the sunrise and sunset that pulse through the sky before their eyes without obstacles.

In the Cabin amateur radio enthusiasts can contact areas across Europe up to Scandinavia without radio links.

Mountain safety

Here at the top of the Marmolada, at an altitude of 3343 m, life is different than in the valley. Before the ascent make sure that you have good equipment. Please feel free to contact us for any information you may need. We will be happy to provide you with all the details and the contacts of local mountain guides if you need a guide for the ascent.
Please make sure to bring back everything you put in your backpack, including trash, so that the mountain hike is a good memory for everyone.


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