Experiencing the mountains

Whether you choose the steepest ascents or the easier paths, you’ll always be immersed in a truly beautiful natural and geological context. The only essential ingredient: pausing to observe. You’ll see spectacular forms of mountain ranges, shapes carved into the rock by glaciers, different colours of rock, from the dark, volcanic stone to the light limestone, that at sunrise and sunset are coloured with intense shades of red, creating the spectacle of the Alpenglow.

Botanical Garden Rifugio Castiglioni Marmolada

The secrets and beauties of the flora and geology of the Dolomites within reach here, with a free guided tour on our geobotanical trail.

Rock climbing and bouldering

Iamong the various climbing opportunities is the “Castiglioni Marmolada” climbing wall near the rifugio. It requires a good technique and training. To reach the wall from the rifugio take trail number 605 in the Pian Trevisan direction and in 5 minutes you are at the base.

  • Exposure: south
  • Rope: 70 metres
  • Anchoring: resinated ring
  • Ideal period: May to September

Visiting war sites

Once the border area between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, hidden in the vegetation are the signs of the First World War. We will show you the itineraries to visit the old trenches, posts and tunnels. (Find out more)

Walking, hiking and relaxation

During your walks you will see sheep grazing under the watchful eye of the shepherds in constant race against the wolves. With any luck you will see cute marmots, chamois and roe deer, and flying above you Alpine choughs, finches and golden eagles. On the meadows the fantastic flora will surprise you with its colours and the innate delicacy that arouses sincere and intense emotions. (Find out more)

Cycling, mountain biking and downhill biking

Riding a mountain bike for kilometres will never disappoint and you will discover breath-taking views. (Find out more)

Motorcycle Tourism

You can add a stop at Passo Fedaia, which links Val di Fassa with Veneto, to your motorcycle tours. Beautiful bends set between the walls of the Marmolada Dolomites which are reflected in the Fedaia Lake, where you will find hospitality and excellent cuisine: the setting for a perfect tour!


The crystal clear Fedaia Lake, easily accessible by car and close to the rifugio, is a peaceful place to spend a day fishing.

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